COVID Test Information

Thank you for choosing Baltimore Highlands Pharmacy for your testing needs.

Please review the items below:

Terms and conditions for COVID testing at our location

  1. If you booked COVID test(s) and are showing symptoms or suspect infection, please DO NOT enter the pharmacy. Call us from your vehicle at 410-636-1035 and let us know of your arrival in the parking lot. We would perform curbside swabbing in your vehicle.
  2. If your test is more than 24hours from the day you booked, we request you to complete the above testing form on the day of arrival.
  3. Please bring your state issued photo ID along with Medicare, Medicaid card if applicable, If you need passport# on the results page for travel, bring your passport.
  4. To ensure proper technique, we do the swabbing ourselves. You can review example technique(s) below:

Please read the information about the tests. All of these are not FDA approved but are Emergency use authorization approved.

Further questions can be addressed by contacting us before your test or during the test.